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Madagascar extract grade vanilla is perfect for bakers who like to make their own homemade extract. These beans are reddish in color, often split down the middle of the bean, and have a deep rich vanilla aroma with cacao and chocolate notes. 2 ounces of the extract grade vanilla beans steeped in the alcohol of your choice will yield 32 ounces of vanilla extract. I suggest rum or bourbon but you can be as creative as you like! Once you have prepared your extract, it is great for baking, making cocktails, cooking, or making some delicious vanilla ice-cream. The product has a deep and warm vanilla aroma that produces a fragrant and dark vanilla extract. 


The product comes in a 3 sizes:

2oz's - about 25 beans
4oz's - about 50 beans
16oz's (1lb) - about 200 beans


Please not that as this is extract grade vanilla, these are split beans, and some cut beans but the flavor and aroma is PERFECT and will yield an amazing extract.

Extract Grade Vanilla